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College Entrance Test

Entrance Tests are admission exams given to Students who are applying for entrance to University or College. The SAT exam is a common university entance test which is practiced for by students who want to do well in the exam. Students are tested for knowledge, apptitude and reasoning using multiple choice question, standardized testing. Paper multiple choice question answer sheets and bubble sheets are often used when students are practicing for entrance tests, because they can be easily distributed to the students, and when returned they are scanned and marked with computer software for quickly accessing student results. Multiple choice response questions are answered on a bubble answer sheet paper. Practise on bubble answer sheets for the SAT and ACT exams, helps students to prepare for the exam giving them a higher chance of passing.

Automatic collection of the checkbox responses from standardized college entrance tests and practice test answer sheets with OMR Software, is done using a regular document image scanner and pc or laptop computer.

A list of well known entrance tests:

Practice Test Sheets

Free download - Sample Entrance Test, Practice Test, Answer Sheet Templates

Build your own Entrance test templates to print answer sheets that can be automatically marked and scored using a scanner, a computer and OMR Software [Optical Mark Recognition]. OMR Software detects and captures people’s responses on paper multiple choice entrance test sheets.

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