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Large numbers of students can be tested easily, efficiently and quickly with paper multiple choice question Answer Sheets to automatically capture accurate test results in minimal time after the test has been completed. OMR Software is specialized computer software that can be used on any modern pc or laptop computer to automatically detect and capture filled in checkboxes on entrance test answer sheets.

Create and print your own entrance test papers using the Free Software Download which includes an answer sheet editor for designing custom layout, multiple choice entrance test papers. The answer sheet templates created in the editor will automatically integrate with the software’s OMR processor, for automated capture of the filled in checkboxes on the answer sheets.

The students answer the multiple choice questions by filling checkboxes on answer sheets.

The answer sheets are scanned using any flatbed or document scanner and automatically captured with OMR software.

The captured data can then be exported to an excel spreadsheet or other management software on your computer.

Entrance Test paper answer sheet Entrance Test Answer Sheet

Free download - Sample Entrance Test, Practice Test, Answer Sheet Templates

Multiple Choice Entrance test papers can be automatically marked and scored with OMR Software. OMR Software detects and captures hand marked answers made in the checkboxes of paper multiple choice entrance tests.

##Design Printable Entrance Test Answer Sheets

OMR software uses printed plain paper answer sheets, which can be scanned using a regular scanner. Using the built in form design editor, design your own answer sheet templates which can be recognized by the software . The exam recipients should be instructed how to fill in the checkboxes with a dark pen or pencil, for accurate detection of the dark marks by omr software. Download the free OMR software trial and use the built in answer sheet editor for creating your own omr answer sheet templates in the layout you want.

Create answer sheets

Design entrance test answer sheets using the software form editor.

The editor has all the tools needed for adding checkboxes, barcodes and quality svg images to an answer sheet template, so the printed answer sheets can be recognized by omr software when they are scanned back in.

Instructions for the recipients of answer sheets that will be automatically marked by computer software

omr sheet instructions

The correct way to fill in a bubble sheet test paper that will be computer graded, is to fully shade the checkbox bubble of your choice.

A fully shaded checkbox bubble will be accurately detected with Optical Mark Recognition. The bubbles can be filled with a dark pencil, biro or nikko pen.

Common Entrance Test Answer Sheets

Free OMR Software Download - OMR Software to Create, Print and Automate the collection of results and scores from paper Entrance Tests, answer sheet practice tests and bubble sheet exams.