Entrance Test

Entrance Test Software

Optical Mark Recognition software is used for creating and marking entrance test bubble sheets. With it’s own built in editor for creating OMR compatible answer sheets, the software makes entrance test sheet design flexible. The software is used for fast collection of the entrance test answer sheet results, by automatically marking the sheets using a scanner and computer. The entrance test omr software will automatically detect and capture identification barcodes and filled in checkboxes, from scanned answer sheets and questionnaires.

The Entrance test software is compatible with most modern scanners and pc or laptop computers, eliminating the need to buy added expensive hardware for automatic reading of entrance test answer sheets to get fast results. Answer sheet papers and questionnaires are scanned and the scanned image files are automatically computer marked, capturing the checkbox values with the option for automatic export of the result data to an excel spreadsheet or other management software.

Entrance Test software

Scan entrance test answer sheets to automatically get fast result data on a pc or laptop computer

Large numbers of students can be tested efficiently and quickly by using an automatic marking solution for collecting the results of multiple choice question answer sheets. OMR Software is specialized computer software that detects and captures filled in checkboxes and barcodes from scanned paper answer response sheets.

Multiple Choice Entrance Test Answer Sheets - Use pre designed, printable, sample answer sheets to automatically collect result data from entrance tests and practice tests.

Free OMR Software Download - OMR Software is easy to use for Creating Printable answer sheets and questionaires which automatically integrate with the OMR software’s bubble sheet processor. Automate the collection of results and scores from paper Entrance Test answer sheets, practice sheet tests, bubble sheet exams. OMR Software is used to create and print paper entrance test answer sheets and questionairres and automatically process the student responses into readable computer data in the form of captured checkbox values.