Entrance Test

Entrance Test

Multiple Choice Entrance exam paper forms are used by universities, colleges and schools to select new students for enrolment, by testing their academic ability and reasoning skills. Each year huge numbers of students are applying for entrance to higher education, therefore standardized entrance test questions are necessary for fast access to the data which is needed for selecting students for enrolment.

OMR Software can be installed on any pc or laptop computer and used for fast automatic grading of Entrance Tests, Aptitude tests, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and History exams.

When the Entrance test exams have been completed and returned by applicants, they are scanned and uploaded into the software which automatically grades the entrance tests by capturing the checkbox value and score of filled in answer bubbles. OMR Software can also capture student ID numbers marked into a grid.

The captured value data (A,B,C etc,) and scores, along with student details, are exported to a spreadsheet or other management software for further analysis, delivering fast entrance test results.

Entrance Exam

A multiple choice question, fill in bubble, entrance test answer sheet which can be scanned and automatically graded on your computer.

Bubble Answer Sheets used for multiple choice Entrance Tests.

Free download - Sample Answer Sheet Templates which can be used for printing multiple choice entrance test sheets. Easily printed on plain paper, bubble sheets designed as the answer sheet page save time when it comes to scanning and automatic grading as there are less pages to process.

The students answer multiple choice questions by filling in the bubble answer sheet sometimes called an OMR sheet. Multiple choice question entrance tests are used for answering questions that only require a standard answer, which means large numbers of students can be quickly tested with accurate and non biased test results made available a short time after the test has been completed.

Entrance test answer sheet practice

Free Software Download - Try OMR Software with it’s own built in answer sheet editor to create and print your own custom layout entrance test papers and automate collection of entrance test results. OMR Software detects and captures the filled in answers made in the checkboxes of paper multiple choice entrance tests.